The Problem

Coral reefs cover only 0.1 percent of the Earth’s surface, but they’re home to 25 percent of all marine species, and they’re being lost at an alarming rate. Pollution, overfishing and climate change are some of the human-influenced culprits in the dramatic decline of these magnificent natural structures. Coral reefs serve as a linchpin in the global food web. Their decline leads our entire planet in a perilous direction. But research from scientists around the world hints at bright spots where real strides can be made in preservation and protection of these habitats.

Here are ways you can help.

Saving Atlantis is a documentary about one of the most consequential issues of our time: the dramatic decline of global coral reef ecosystems and the impact on human populations that depend on them.

Produced by a team of award-winning filmmakers and researchers, the film follows those who are fighting to uncover the causes of coral decline and find solutions before it’s too late. It is an emotional exploration of some of our planet's greatest natural wonders at a tipping point in their ecological history.

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Please consider a donation to this project. The expenses and costs don't end at the screenings. By contributing now, you can help this film reach the widest possible audience. Distribution plans include screening of the film at festivals, in underrepresented communities and translation into Spanish. All proceeds beyond distribution costs will be used to help train and educate the next generation of OSU student researchers and storytellers. Contribute now to help us spread the story.

About Oregon State University

Oregon State University, one of the world’s great land-grant universities, is devoted to research, outreach and engagement on issues of global significance. OSU is uniquely positioned to provide a lens on the issue of coral decline, with a cluster of world-class coral experts and an expansive capability and expertise in the marine sciences.



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Primary Investigator

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